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Mr. Motilal Oswal

Anuragi Raman started our business process and excellence, i.e., BPEX initiative. The team under his leadership took many projects resulting into huge productivity gains across the verticals. Due to his very good performance, he was given additional responsibility to head IT which he spearheaded very successfully. He is a fast learner and a great team builder.

I wish he had continued with us.

I wish him a great success for all his future endeavours.

Motilal Oswal
    Chairman & Managing Director
                                                                                                                          Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.

 (In context of work done as MOFSL BPEX Deployment Leader)



Mr. Nilesh Sangoi

We, at Meru, feel extremely delighted that “Ask To Solve” is working with us to help us meet our strategic objective.

Data analytics has amazing power to enable business decisions. Surya from “Ask To Solve” has established it emphatically. In a short period of time the impact has started to get delivered … I think it has been made possible because of their unwavering focus on creating bottom line impact by combining high level view and execution at operating level. Their impact is also result of following proven systematic approach, tenacity and deep alignment with our overall strategic objectives.

I found Surya possessing extremely high level of integrity, commitment and unbelievable zeal to learn fast and make real impact. To top it all his special ability to convey complex things in common language connects the action plan with the people at execution level.
I think no-frills, simplistic and transparent approach of “Ask To Solve” is a differentiating factor. I wish them all the success!!!


Nilesh Sangoi
Chief Technology Officer
Meru Cab Company Ltd


Mr. Prem Kalliath

Superior customer experience is a key success factor for any organization providing service to end consumers. Meru is committed to provide superior experience to our customers, be it our guests who take our services or drivers who are key physical touch point in providing the service to our guests. We assess customer / driver experience in multiple ways, one of the well-established way to maintain good experience is to continuously monitor the way our officers at call center handle customer/driver calls. We were very clear to have an unbiased and expert assessment of the experience at call center. We also understand that it is not practically possible to monitor all calls hence scientific sampling becomes very important to get the sense of practices across the centers by monitoring only 4-5% calls. Ask To Solve through their QinT service have exactly done that in excellent manner. Not only have they helped us monitor the experience in unbiased and representative manner but also given us valuable inputs through their analytical reporting to continuously retrain and upgrade our call center officers. We really appreciate their timeliness, analytical reporting, feedback looping process, contribution to setting our internal processes and most importantly collaborative way of working. I wish Ask To Solve QinT Team a great success.

Prem Kalliath
Chief Operating Officer
Meru Cab Company Ltd

Mr. Bishal Lachhiramka

We are delighted with the way Ask To Solve enabled the enhancement of our customers' experience.

Due to exponential increase in customer base, we had challenge of meeting customer SLAs. Ask To Solve supported us in developing a self-learning expert system to prioritize and make a fair distribution of work based on criticality of the problem. We are extremely happy to see a significant increase in SLA adherence after implementation of this expert system.

We really appreciate Ask To Solve team for bringing amazing results to businesses they partner with and wish them all the best!!

Bishal Lachhiramka
Chief Executive Officer
 Drishti Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd 

Mr. Anurag Goel

Ask To Solve came in from the outside… understood our problems well, really fast… and then worked with us diligently over several months to solve the issue. Throughout the engagement they acted with our best interests in mind and we developed a strong trust based relationship with them. We are happy with what they have done.

Anurag Goel

Chief Executive Officer

Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. Samvar Mavani

We are a manufacturer of Special Purpose Lubricants which is characterised by large number of batch processes of small quantities. This puts lot of pressure on the timely deliveries to the customers. Ask To Solve was invited to look at our operations and address these concerns. What was essentially expected was to enhance process efficiency and reduce the turnaround time from Order Receipt to Dispatch of Goods.


We started the journey together with Ask To Solve in Nov ’14. Within 3 months of working together we witnesses that the Turn Around Time reduced from 10 days to 3 days & within 5 months we were able to reduce this to 2 days.  What is important to note here is that this was achieved without significant investments in capital or process equipment.


This was a breakthrough for MOSIL !!! 

We then focused on labour efficiency and have started working on process automations

It’s been remarkable working with Ask To Solve team at all levels. We are particularly impressed with the skills and systematic approach of Ask To Solve Team.


Samvar Mavani

    Director – Technical Services

MOSIL Lubricants Pvt. Ltd. 

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